In Memory


Since November 10, 1976, we are elated to report our Presidents as they appear:

1st Usher Jessie Walker (deceased) .................................New Mount Calvary M.B.C. 1976-1979
2nd Usher Gloria Johnson....................................Christ Baptist Church 1979-1982
3rd Usher Meddie Thomas(deceased)............First Timothy B.C. 1982-1983
4th Usher Rosie Lee Chancler (deceased)..........Holy Chapel M.B.C. 1983-1989
5th Usher Arthur Watkins (deceased)......................Faithful Central M.B.C. 1990- 2005
6th Usher Hilda Thompson (deceased)……............New Joy Baptist Church 2005-2006
7th Usher Maude Smith …………………..........................Three Oaks Baptist Church 2006 – predent

            Under the noble leadership of President, Rosie L. Chancler, the District prides itself with being “The Little District with The Big Heart.” On November 4, 1989, history has been made, Usher Arthur Watkins become the 5th President of the District and January 6, 1990 appointed Usher Billie Williams as the First Junior Supervisor (Faithful Central M.B.C.). On February 3, 1990, we organized a Junior Department in the District and had 16 Juniors join, and Tabithia White, became Junior President.  Usher Rosie L. Chancler was honored as she became President Emeritus.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

            On October 6, 1990, the gained the Youth and Young Adult Department.  The district is pleased to report our First Youth President Usher Arnie Gaylord (Faithful Central MBC)) and we thank God for the humble servant of Usher Maude Smith (Three Oaks MBC), the First Youth Supervisor.

            November 25, 1990 we held our first Elimination contest for the Education Department under the capable leadership of Usher Diana Harrison (Calvary Resurrectional MBC) and Usher Ella Dean, First Lady of Three Oaks MBC. God blessed us with Marshon Hall being the first Junior contestant in 1989 (Essay).  She came in second: Tri-City hosted the State Convention.

            In 1991, the district was blessed to have a Youth Contestant from Three Oaks MBC, Monique Ford, she took first place at the District, State, Western Region and 5th place at the National.  What a Mighty God we serve.  Erick Kirks (New Mount Calvary MBC) was our First Young Adult President.

            On June 26, 1992, Gerald Herring was elected President of the Junior Department for the State.  
On February 6, 1993, Hattie Peterson was appointed Chairman of our Health Unit. On June 30, 1995, Myrtle Spencer was elected Chairman of the Board for the State of California, and Diana Harrison was appointed the State Education Department.  In 1997, Adrienne Allen was elected State Young Adult President, What a Might God we serve.
On June 18, 2005, Our President, Arthur Watkins was given the command to come off the floor our hearts were saddened.  Arthur’s vision for a Spelling Bee Contest was put in place and one of his youth Trevon Williams won at the District, State, Western Region and 3rd place at the National level.  The district was pleased to have 11 elected and appointed officers for the Union Usher Board State of California.

            On October 31, 2006, our President Hilda Thompson was given the command to come and be with the Lord we were just blown away.  But God had a ram in the bush in the person on Usher Maude Smith, she was elected President. God is still on our side the Little District with the Big Heart.  Our district is still being blessed one of our youth Marvin C. Brown-King won the (Instrument/Piano) on the District, State, Western Region and 1st place at the National level.  To God Be the Glory!!

At the close of Western Region of 2007,  our President Maude Smith was appointed the Regional School of Ushering Chairman, God is still Blessing the Little District with the Big Heart!!!

            In 2010 we are still walking by faith!

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