Alumni Department

The National Alumni Department

The Union Usher Board State of Ca. Inc. Alumni Department

The National Alumni gives assistance to ushering at the National Meetings. This department consists of graduates from the School of Ushering. The department was founded by George T. Grier in July 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio They were first called the National Alumni Congregation. Name was changed at the 1962 convention in Dallas, Texas to National Alumni Department. The Biblical names previously used was changed to Chairman Purpose: The purpose is to keep all the graduates together after finishing the School of Ushering. It is now the responsibility of the department to train and judge the floor demonstration, drill competition, also train judges and tallies. The state department is an arm of the national. Responsibility: Notify Instructors and Ushers of any information received from National. It is also the responsibility to oversee the judging process and to ensure that all judges know the drill and aisle demonstrations.


State $25.00 donation to state per district $10.00 for team registration (same information listed under School of Ushering)

National Special Donation ($125.00) Presently Head Tax ($33.00) Presently