Officers 2016 - 2017

Office Name District Home Phone City & State Email
President Diana Harrison LA County 310-639-7024 Dominguez Hills,CA 90220
Pres. Emer. Martha Ingram Randle Tri-City 415-587-5669 San Francisco, CA 94132  
1st Vice Pres. Mattie L.Gardette Southern 310-518-2476 Carson, CA 90745
2nd Vice Pres. Adlean Francis Northern 510-367-7951 Emeryville, CA 94608
3rd Vice Pres. Erma Ellis Tri City 510-205-3626 Oakland, CA 94607
4th Vice Pres. Mozella Brown Southeast 619-303-0658 San Diego,CA 92139
Chair - BOD Maude Smith LA County 760-896-1150 Victorville,CA 92394
1st VP BOD Rosa Howard Southern 310-391-3295 Los Angeles,CA 90066  
2nd VP BOD Maggie Bullocks Northern 415-467-0957 San Francisco,CA 94134
BOD Member Shirley Tolliver Citrus      
BOD Member Jean Harrison Citrus 951-247-4194 Moreno Valley,CA 92557  
BOD Member Lydia Shirley LA County 323-418-1105 Los Angeles,CA 90047
BOD Member Janet Thomas Northern 650-368-9298 Redwood City, CA 94061
BOD Member Mary Goodwin Sacramento 916-763-2130 Antelope,Ca 95843  
BOD Member Susan Love Sacramento 916-236-8462 Sacramento, CA 95829  
BOD Member FrankDe Jesus Santa Clara 408-564-4847 San Jose, CA 95112
BOD Member Machelle Clark Santa Clara 408-726-7808 San Jose, CA 95117
BOD Member Octavia Ellis Southeast 619-583-4743 San Diego, CA
BOD Member Beatrice Washington Southeast 619-527-4113    
BOD Member Rosie Lee Southern

Los Angeles, CA 90044

BOD Member Lillian Owens Tri-City 415-822-5031 San Francisco, CA 94124  
BOD Member Vacant Tri-City      
Rec. Sec'y Norma Perry Citrus 951-333-0751 Moreno Valley,CA 92555
Asst. Rec.Sec'y Diana White Santa Clara      
Financial Sec'y Lydia Shirley LA County 323-418-1105 Los Angeles,CA 90047
Asst Fin. Sec'y Shirley Grier Sacramento 916-858-1328

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
District President Maxine Barnett Citrus 909-888-9033

San Bernardino, CA 92411
District President Maude Smith LA County 760-596-1150 Victorville, CA 92394
District President Maggie Bullocks Northern 415-467-0957 San Francisco,CA 94134
District President Patricia Holmes Sacramento 916-667-9659

Elk Grove, CA 95757
District President Frank De Jesus Santa Clara 408-564-4847 San Jose,CA 95112
District President Mozella Brown Southeast 619-303-0658 San Diego, CA 92139
District President Mattie L Gardette Southern 310-518-2476 Carson, CA 90745
District President Erma Ellis Tri-City 510-205-3626 Oakland, CA 94607
Sgt-at-Arms Sherman Thompson        
Asst.Sgt-at-Arms Titus Taylor        
Debbie Jones        
Asst. Audit          
Arts & Crafts Lucille Haywood LA County 310-324-6119 Los Angeles, CA 90061  
Asst. Arts & Crafts Vacant        
By-Laws & Res. Karen Brown Southern 323-655-4899 Los Angeles, CA 90035
Asst.By-Laws & Res.          
Credentials Mary Ann Smith Southern 323-304-1670 Los Angeles,CA 90035
Asst.Cred. Localized to Area        
Corresponding Sec'y Vacant        
Critic Victoria Drayton Northern 415-566-8678 San Francisco, CA 94122
Devotion Lead Charles Miles Citrus 909-856-2477 San Bernardino, CA 92412
Asst.Devotion Lead Vacant        
Doorkeeper Pamela Lewis Sacramento 916-391-8817 Sacramento, CA 95823
Asst. Doorkeeper Vacant        
Asst. Doorkeeper Vacant        
Education Chair Beverly Rodgers LA County 310-707-7838 Redondo Beach, Ca
Edu.Co - Chair Karen Smith Warren Southern 310-327-7998 Los Angeles, CA 90061
Election Maxine Barnett Citrus 909-888-9033 San Bernardino, CA 92411
Asst.Election Jacqueline Blackburn Tri City 415-285-2693 San Francisco, CA 941324  
Health Unit Vacant        
Historian Pamela Jamison Santa Clara 408-569-1115 Salinas, CA 93906
Asst. Historian Edith Green Santa Clara 408-270-0178 San Jose, CA 95148  
Asst. Historian Beulah Leeper Sacramento 916-452-4390 Sacramento, CA 95819  
Leroy Johnson Gilbert Jones Southern 323-293-8520 Los Angeles, CA 90043
Leroy Johnson Asst. Beatrice Johnson Southeast      
Memorial /Sunshine Annie Sims Southern 310-816-9377 Carson, Ca 90745
Asst.Mem./Sun. Marie Bushrod Northern 510-881-0362 Hayward, CA 94544
Nominating Comm. Robert West LA County 310-324-2600 Gardena, CA 90249
Asst. Nom.Comm Vacant        
Asst.Nom.Comm Vacant        
Past Ofc.Coun. Andrea Harris LA County 310-910-4131 Inglewood, CA 90302
PR/Appreciation Shirley Tolliver Citrus 951-279-4774
Asst. PR/Apprec. Vacant        
Outreach /Inreach Karn Smith - Warren        
Outreach /In. Asst Vacant        
Scholarship Bill Thomas

LA County

310-344-1730 Hawthorne, CA 90250
Scholarship Co-Chr. Vacant        
Souvenir Book Localized to Area        
Souvenir Book Asst Localized to Area        
SOU Chair Lawrence Richards Northern 415-337-6250 San Francisco, CA 94137  
SOU Co-Chair. Paulette Little Santa Clara   San Jose, CA 95148
Training & Dev. Patricia Holmes Sacramento 916-799-9950 Elk Grove, CA 95757
Treasurer Malcolm Hines Southern 323-778-6235 Los Angeles, CA 90047
Asst. Treasurer Gwen Duell        
Ways & Means Board of Directors        
WH Davis Bernice Kirtman Northern 415-822-2645 San Francisco, CA 94124
WH Davis Co-Chair. Vacant        
General Sup. Tina Marshall Sacramento 916-548-5040

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Youth Sup. Lillie Manigault Southern 323-778-6738 Inglewood, CA 90305
Jr. Supervisor Carol Maston Southern 323-754-7945 Hawthorne, CA 90250
Asst. Jr. Supervisor Arlene Henry Northern 408-298-8136 San Jose, CA 95122
YA Counselor Doris J. Gilton Northern
Asst. YA Counselor Almary Bass Southern 310-324-1330 Gardena, CA 90247  
YA President Julious Patin Southern      
YA 1st Vice Pres. Vacant        

Youth President

Patrice Barnett Southern      
Youth VP Briana Black Southern      
Youth Sec'y Chloe Lee Southern      
Youth Trea. Cherrish Lidrazzan Southeast      
Jr.Pres. Earl Johnson Northern      
Jr. 1st Vice Pres.          
Jr. Secretary Tyisha Warren Southeast      
Asst. Jr. Sec'y Maia Jones Sacramento      
Jr. Treasurer Bre'nae Bernard Northern      
Jr. Sgt-at-Arms Shianne Rowlett Citrus      


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